Welcome To Dr.Bera's TLC-123

When the world around you feels chaotic and you’re not sure where to turn to get the help you seek, Dr. Bera’s TLC-123 program can provide you with the guidance you seek.

TLC-123 is the place to go when you need to slow down and get away from the chaos of today’s world.

We have helped clients from a wide range of demographic backgrounds improve their health and overall wellness through our simple, yet successful approach. All too often, we have had individuals come to us saying their doctor was out of ideas on how to treat what was ailing them, only to try our approach and find the results they’ve sought tirelessly for weeks, months or years.

As opposed to only being reactive to your symptoms, we instead dig deeper to learn about you and determine the true root causes of your issue. From there, we will help you create a personalized plan that is designed to make you healthier, and just as importantly, to help you become a more energetic and better version of yourself.

Our plans will often include information on how to eat and cook healthful food and how to make fresh-pressed, nutrient-rich, raw juices. As well, we’ll make sure you are getting the exercise you need to feel vibrant and well.

Don’t give up hope and fear that you’ll “just have to deal with your symptoms.” Instead, give Dr. Bera’sTLC-123 approach a chance. It will surely be a decision you won’t regret.

To learn more about our health and wellness coaching services, please contact us today.