Who is Dr. Bera?

Back in the last century I was a know-it-all vegetarian who knew nothing about health. Until I lost mine when I developed a nearly fatal case of pneumonia. Then I got a brutal education that saved my life. Did you know we are what we eat? And what we think? And what we do and say?

As a professional musician who lived in nightclubs and recording studios, I got little to no sun or outdoor air, and very little sleep. Although I didn’t smoke, I breathed in several thousand cigarettes nightly on the job in the form of second-hand smoke. Since I loved animals I wouldn’t eat them, so I got my protein, I thought, in the form of ice cream and cream in my coffee which kept me awake throughout the day and night. Ah, youth. And stupidity. I possessed both. Then pneumonia. Followed by four month’s’ loss of work and a hardcore facing of facts – I was the responsible party who had compromised my health with my actions.

I was back in school. This time to become a doctor.

Taking responsibility for my health meant not expecting doctors to come up with the answers as to what had ‘happened’ to me – I had to come up with the underlying cause for my condition, which was most likely something I had done to myself, not something that had ‘happened’ to me. Once I figured that out, it was obvious to me that I had to eliminate the actions that led to my condition, i.e., eliminate the underlying cause. Now that I had accomplished this step, it was necessary to build up my weakened immune system.

Voila. All it took was 3 easy steps to return me to vibrant health. 3 easy steps I now like to share with anyone who wants to recapture their vitality and embrace the joy that good health brings to them.

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