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BASTIS – Build and Strengthen the Immune System

By Bera Dordoni, N.D.

Ok, so this scruffy-looking dog named Hippocrates walks into the corner bar in ancient Greece barking “BASTIS!”…..

Wait a minute….. A weak immune system is nothing to joke about.

The Best Medicine

Over 2500 years ago Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said “First Do No Harm,” which is still today’s Hippocratic oath taken by those who practice medicine. He also said “Thy food shall be thy remedy” when he stated that improper foods cause disease; proper foods cure disease. Nothing has changed in the last 2500 years – food is still your best medicine.

Radiation and Chem Trails and Junk Food, Oh My…

The radiation leakage that continues from the Fukushima accident back in 2011 has traveled the globe, and the big question I’m being asked lately is, ‘What can we can do to protect ourselves?’

My standard response: BASTIS. Build and Strengthen the Immune System.

That old ‘immune system’ talk again. What is this thing called the immune system? It’s a complete network that protects your body from the outside-in and the inside-out, starting with your largest organ – your skin, moving throughout your body and fueled by your adrenal glands. The body’s organs work together to protect and sustain life.

Germs don’t cause disease. Radiation alone cannot cause disease. Chem trails can sure get you sick, but they alone cannot create illness in your body. Abnormal cells alone cannot cause cancer. A weakened immune system invites these invaders in and allows their multiplication. A weakened immune system is clogged and dirty – congested and infected. A strong immune system battles the bad guys – germs, radiation, abnormal cells, toxic foods, etc.

The Fukushima radiation leakage is real. So are chem trails (http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=AEF1F19C4AB1D064ECFDF66B39DFA1FA). They both are extremely toxic to living beings. But they are no more toxic than processed junk foods consumed on a daily basis which have a cumulative effect. And they all require the same thing for the body not to be affected by them and develop a dreaded disease … a strong immune system.

Can a Cleanse Really Help the Immune System?

My answer: YES.

In mid-January I had a new client come to me who expressed concern about his health and what could be done to reverse his condition. He had stomach complaints, headache, lethargy, foggyheadedness, sinus congestion and a lot of pain in his right side; I recommended a colon cleanse. Frightened he could get worse from doing something so ‘out of the box,’ he knew he had to do something; he wasn’t willing to have invasive medical procedures. I just received the following email where he shares his story thus far to encourage others to participate in the process of natural healing:

On 2/6/2014 3:31 PM, Kent Ferguson wrote:

My name is Kent Ferguson. At age 70 I am a retired school principal and now live happily in the Zuni Mountains of New Mexico.

Over the past seven years or so I have noticed several things and could not decide if they were simply one of the realities of aging or whether I was perhaps somewhat ill or simply not doing what I should for my health. I clearly had an “acid” stomach and needed TUMS most every night. I felt bloated, was getting frequent headaches, terrible breath odors, snoring more, mildly stiff hips and knees, and some type of ache in either the kidneys, adrenals, or intestines…..I was not sure. Finally I went to a local doctor and was shocked to see that both my weight and blood pressure had gone up farther than I had ever seen. I had some blood and urine tests and even a colonoscopy and was relieved to see that nothing seemed “wrong” in their opinion. Still, should I accept all of this as part of age and “bite the bullet” or what?

I have asked for Bera’s counsel and support and have, for two weeks now, been following her instructions (which seem rather like a revolution of sorts to me in my living style). I have completed an initial cleanse and am, daily, taking a variety of items along with a much different food intake. Except for the self-discipline needed I have not found this to be that difficult AFTER I finally gathered what was needed.

  1. In two weeks I have not felt hunger once.
  2. After about four days I noticed I did not need the TUMS.
  3. The bloating is gone.
  4. So are about 10 pounds.
  5. I am sleeping better because my sinuses (which were almost always clogged and I felt it must be due to the dry New Mexico air) popped open. And it was, indeed, a series of “pops.”
  6. I feel better in many ways: breathing, stiffness, weight, prostate.
  7. And I notice I feel more “clear” also in my thinking.
  8. One more thing, I seem to be happy spending less time in bed. I enjoy evenings more and am happy to rise early.

Of course all of this is still in an initial stage but, so far, it has given me a new confidence that much of my “complaints” can be addressed without scary medical treatments.

I have no “deal” with Bera nor Bastis Foundation and share this only because I believe all of it to be accurate, honest, and truthful. I have given her permission to share this note with anyone who might be somewhat similar to me in the hope it might help and serve them. I shall be happy to report again down the road.

Most sincerely,

Kent Ferguson
Although Kent’s concern wasn’t specifically the radiation poisoning covering the globe, it was addressed the same way you might address your radiation concerns.

Both my husband and I felt junky after consuming too many holiday foods, and went on a recent detox. We’ve also once again eliminated all processed foods from our diet, consuming only organic fruits, vegetables and grains, and taking certain herbs to help our vital organs eliminate toxins. Immediately I can feel the difference in my ability to think better, and we both certainly feel better. Ron noticed that his coated tongue is bright pink again after just 5 days of colon cleansing.

BASTIS – Build and Strengthen the Immune System … in 3 Easy Steps

But how?

That’s the key. How. First, figure out what doesn’t feel good. Identify the possible cause of your yucky feelings. Could it be the foods you eat or the exercise you’re not getting? Too much smoking or drinking? Not drinking enough water? Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself if it’s worth continuing to do something that makes you feel not so good.

Second step is the big one – eliminate the things you think are causing your problems. Are you eating something you just know is bad for you, but you eat it anyway? Can you possibly adopt the attitude that we really do need to eat to live, but we don’t need to live to eat?

Negative thinking on a daily basis can be a problem causer as much as food. Can you replace your woe-is-me attitude with a smile? Amazing what a difference it can make in the way you feel and how much more good you can attract into your life when you project a positive attitude.

But How Can This Help Me Build Up My Immune System?
Easily. Stop attacking the immune system with things it must defend against – toxic foods, toxic thoughts, toxic drugs or beverages, and it can take a break from constantly being on alert. When it can rest along with the body, it has a chance to replenish itself.

So, what else can I do?

Third step: Rebuild the body’s defense system. You can cleanse your vital organs the way Kent is going about it, step by step – colon, kidneys, lungs, liver, etc. You can change over to a plant-based protein diet that is far more friendly and easily digestible in the human body than a flesh-based protein diet. Digestion is the first line of defense inside the body. Say goodbye to processed foods including refined sugars, fats, flours, salts and other unidentifiable chemicals. They may bring you emotional comfort today, but they’ll bring you physical pain tomorrow. Replacing the toxic foodstuffs with organic fruits and vegetables will help replenish vitamins and minerals sorely lacking in processed foods, and assist in de-sludging the colon.

Many herbs are commonly used to help clean out the organs. Milk thistle is a known liver detoxifier available in health-food stores. Juniper berries help tone and detoxify the kidneys. Osha root helps strengthen the lungs. Psyllium is used as an intestinal broom.

There may not be much we can do to stop the radiation poisoning from the Fukushima accident or the massive amount of chem trails invading our air space, but we have the power to build and strengthen our personal immune systems, which is the best protection available.

Hippocrates barked it best: BASTIS!


Dr. Bera “The Wellness Whisperer” Dordoni, N.D.

Specializing in immune system rehabilitation, restoration, and maintenance through nutritional counseling, life-style coaching, and the laws of attraction. To purchase I Have a Choice?!, schedule a private consultation, or learn more about her next workshop, wellness retreat, or natural-health class, visit www.bastis.org or call 505-783-9001.