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Ho’oponopono #5: Vibrating The Positive

We’re all familiar with the Laws of Attraction. What you put out into the universe is what you attract back to you. Ho’oponopono isn’t exactly the same, however, as you may have noticed in our previous articles on the topic. But there is a correlation – and for those who don’t take the time to… Read more »

Ho’oponopono #4: Acceptance & Resistance

The true power of Ho’oponopono is in helping us achieve a state of acceptance and happiness. The concept of not resisting being happy in our lives sounds simple, but it isn’t. Today I present a story in dialogue about the role of the Yes & No states of being. Let’s see what we can learn… Read more »

Ho’oponopono #3: Do We Speak Mindlessly?

Speaking mindlessly is a pitfall in our lives. It can push away even the most positively oriented and attract the negative – just with a few words! Take a friend of mine for example. She told me her car was really cute and had taken them across the country just fine, but it didn’t work… Read more »

Ho’oponopono #2: Love, Forgiveness, & Gratitude

I’m often asked if ho’oponopono is the ‘answer to all our problems’ and the only method of healing we’ll ever need again if we start using it.  Don’t I wish I could say, ‘yes,’ and be done with it.  But that’s not real life.  ‘Stuff’ is always happening to us and in this chaotic world… Read more »

Ho’oponopono #1: Learning To Unlearn

Patterns.  As a child I loved creating patterns.  In my teens I was making my own clothes.  I thought I was very clever. I loved my patterns. Fast forward to adulthood.  Patterns hold an entirely different meaning for me today.  Now I see a pattern as something that is holding me back, a place where… Read more »

When Opportunity Knocks

A wild month, indeed. It started with a freak snow storm on October 10th that froze our Ramah gardens, and high winds actually blew the trains off the tracks in some places! Here on the mountain our power was knocked out for almost 24 hours and our phones for nearly six days. Was it the… Read more »

Curing Anxiety

The modern world is overrun by anxiety. And perhaps the biggest anxiety of all is the constant questioning in our lives – the question of What If? What if we don’t get any more moisture this winter? What if the well runs dry? What if the roads aren’t safe to travel? What if my unborn child… Read more »

Using Wisdom

“Who just texted me? Ooh, Lisa. Oh, boy, another one. Mason. Gotta grab me some Hot Pockets® or Lunchables® and microwave ‘em quick, so I can get back to class. But I gotta answer these texts first, so they won’t wonder why I haven’t answered yet. Oh, yeah, and download some tunes for the ride…. Read more »

Let’s Do It the Food Babe Way

LET’S DO IT THE FOOD BABE WAY! She limped up the pathway to my office, clutching a Big Gulp with one hand and her stomach with the other. “I’m Lila,” she said, as I ushered her inside. “Eddie said you can gimme something for my pain.” After removing the Big Gulp and settling her down… Read more »

Wellness Warriors Project in McKinley County

Wellness Warriors Project in McKinley County By Bera Dordoni, N.D. “Hey, what is this Wellness Warriors Project I’ve been hearing all about?” “So glad you asked. It’s a collaborative effort between BASTIS Foundation and Gallup Indian Medical Center to help eliminate the diabetes epidemic that has overtaken McKinley County.” “I hear it’s based on a… Read more »