Curing Anxiety

The modern world is overrun by anxiety. And perhaps the biggest anxiety of all is the constant questioning in our lives – the question of What If?

What if we don’t get any more moisture this winter?
What if the well runs dry?
What if the roads aren’t safe to travel?
What if my unborn child doesn’t get into the kindergarten of our choice?
What if something happens to my pet?
What if the doctor finds something wrong with me?
What if nobody can stop Ebola from spreading further?
What if my brother’s favorite ball team doesn’t win?
What if I can’t lose weight?
What if I have some disease?
What if they stop making my favorite chocolate bar?
What if my favorite show gets cancelled?
What if we lose power?
What if…?

Terror of the What Ifs in our lives can keep us stagnant, trapped in a mental and physical place we don’t want to be, but feel powerless to get out of. But anxiety-causing What Ifs aren’t the only kind. You can transmute these anxiety causers into anxiety healers. Instead of worrying, I offer you a What If? that is the antithesis of anxiety.

What if the power of change is really right here inside me?
What if the power to do, to be, to have, to hold, to know everything is simply bursting inside me, just waiting for my acknowledgement?
What if I have the power to give myself recognition for my worth – to feel worthy of everything I want for myself?
What if I have the power to be loved, to love, no matter who or what the situation?
What if I have the power to acknowledge my truth, to know who I really am, to understand what I want out of life?
What if I use this power to create the life I dream of?
What if I use this power to fulfill a purpose that resonates as my own personal truth?
What if…?

What if all my patterns of self-hatred and sabotage, all my fears, doubts, indecision and frustration simply cease? What if I decide I’m now worthy, valuable, deserving, filled with grace? What if the things I really truly want are already mine, and nothing can separate me from them, and I no longer live in lack and limitation? What if I am overflowing with gratefulness for my fulfilled life, for the love surrounding me, for the joy and prosperity that are always mine? What if I choose these experiences as opposed to the ‘I can’t afford’ experience that tends to pop up and take hold in so many areas of life? What if prosperity and abundance are not only my destiny, but everyone’s destiny for the asking? What if fulfillment is something we can achieve if we believe? What if?

What if the prophets, theologians, artists, philosophers and dreamers are right? What if it really is inside me, this gift for obtaining knowledge, for expressing power, to have, to know, to be, to do anything I dream of doing? What if the kingdom is within? What if the hell I have lived through is of my own creation? What if heaven can really be here on earth through my own creation? What if?

What if I live in acceptance instead of resistance? What if I choose to accept anything that frustrates me instead of resisting it? What if resistance brings on more to resist and more to frustrate me at every turn, and acceptance brings on more to accept, more that I want out of life? What if?

What if the Source of my life, God, the Universe, only wants me to be happy and healthy? What if my happiness can bring on joy and more happiness? What if my happiness can touch others with happiness? What if I’ve been living in denial about how powerful I really am? What if this power is always at hand, as long as I believe it is? What if my suffering is brought about by my thoughts and wrong beliefs? What if I don’t need to seek power, or find power, but only need to tap into my power by believing it exists and acknowledging it? What if?

What if we all believe we can have peace on earth this Holiday Season? What if we all practice love and harmony instead of hatred and anger? What if we all practice random acts of kindness and send mental messages of love to those we’re sure need them? What if?

What if I choose to believe the words of Viktor Frankl, neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor:

“We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

or the words of Henry Ford, who said:

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.

What if I do believe these words? What if I do believe the power is within me? That I can create the life I love and love the life I create? What if I believe all of us on Earth can all have a peaceful, joyful holiday season filled with love and perfect health? What if I can and I do? What if we ALL do?

Tomorrow in the United States is Thanksgiving. I offer you this challenge – use your What Ifs to be thankful for all the good in your life. Even if you don’t see that good right now. Being thankful for the good will attract the good. And with that, we transmute our lives from anxiety into joy.

Happy Holidays from Dr. Bera’s Transitional Learning Center. And a wonderful Thanksgiving to those of my readers in the USA.