Ho’oponopono #3: Do We Speak Mindlessly?

Speaking mindlessly is a pitfall in our lives. It can push away even the most positively oriented and attract the negative – just with a few words! Take a friend of mine for example.

She told me her car was really cute and had taken them across the country just fine, but it didn’t work for where she lived anymore. I wanted to take a look and see if it was appropriate for us to purchase from her and her boyfriend.  The car looked good, and sounded good, and then she said:

“We’ve had it for sale for over a month and nobody wants to buy it.  It’s a good car, but no one wants it.”

Hmmmm….. you know what?  Neither did I, once she said that.  Had she told me there had been multiple offers but the price offered wasn’t right, that I’d understand.  But she said, ‘no one wants to buy it,’ which gave me a bad vibe and meant I didn’t either.

If she had realized the power of her words, she might have sold the car before I even found out about it – or, at least, to me.  But she didn’t realize that what we put out is exactly what comes back to us.  She made the claim that no one will buy her car, so no offers are coming in.

Why aren’t we more aware of the way we speak as we head through our days?  We just chatter mindlessly and go about our business, not realizing the Universe is listening to everything we say, wanting to please us.  If we say ‘no one…’ then the Universe complies and sends us no one. So when we speak mindlessly, saying “no one wants to buy it,” we’re creating our own destiny and no one comes.

What she didn’t realize is that our world is a reflection of our inner beliefs.  If we want to sell a vehicle (or a house, or anything), we need to believe that people want to buy it, or see it already sold in our minds, so the vibration we are putting out will attract a buyer.  Our inner world must change in order to reflect what we really want to attract.

Women, do you look at your face in the mirror and decide you need to put some makeup on?  Do you then proceed to apply your makeup to the mirror, not to your own face?  Or men, do you look at your face, decide you need to shave, then apply some shaving cream to the mirror and put the razor up to the mirror and start shaving it?  That’s what we’re doing when we expect changes in our outer world to be made without changing our inner world!

How we perceive our world is how the world will respond to us.  Why is it so simple and yet so complex?  Probably because of the baggage we’ve carried around with us since even before birth.  Our mother’s emotional state while pregnant could have weighed us down.  But we’re now adults, and it’s time to let the blame for our lives become our own responsibility.  Something that happened to us more than 20 or 30 years ago is very much in our past, and our past has created our present.  If we don’t like the present, however, then it’s up to us to change it by not replaying it constantly.  That’s the beauty of ho’oponopono – we can erase the past and start over with a new present.  And, as always, forgiveness is the primary key to all of that.  Let go, let God. Or universe, or source – whatever you want to put your faith in.

Life doesn’t just happen to us.  We create it individually and bring it forth into existence from the inside to the outside. Life is not created from the outside in.  What we wish to achieve must first be visualized and internalized so it can be brought forth.  And that which we wish to eliminate from our consciousness is also to be brought forth from the inside out so it can be purged.  If it remains inside, it festers and becomes bigger and much worse than it was when it first happened to us.  We all know how stories change from the first teller to the last receiver of the story. Our communication with the universe is one big game of telephone – IF we don’t release the past and stop rehashing it in our heads. Only then can we create a new present.

One thing to remember is that blame is the antithesis of ho’oponopono. So if blame is something in which you like to indulge, then ho’oponopono isn’t for you. However, if you’re exhausted from attempting to live life on your own terms but always meeting with blocks, and if you’re ready to lift the blocks and no longer live with them on a daily basis, then it is for you.  Ho’oponopono is for the person who is ready to fly – ready for freedom from the ‘baggage’ that makes life a drag.  For the person who is ready to forgive himself or herself and everyone and everything else that has ever made you unhappy.  It’s for the person who is ready to live in love, rather than in past painful events that don’t allow love in.  It’s for the person who lives in gratitude – who is grateful for everything in life, even negative events, because those are events from which we learn the most.

Four simple Ho’oponopono phrases are repeated throughout the day to keep one in focus – to keep centered in love and gratitude as opposed to blame and resentment.

1. I love you – expresses the highest form of emotion and draws to it by universal law high frequencies that are positive and bring joyful events.

2. I’m sorry – is said to express an apology to the inner self or subconscious or inner child for holding on to anger, resentment, bad memories that fester and block us from our highest good.

3. Please forgive me – is also said to the inner child, once again to ask forgiveness for holding on to past events and to keep replaying them, allowing them to define who we are.  By asking forgiveness of ourselves we can erase the past-tense ‘baggage’ that has kept us in the holding pattern allowing us no freedom.

4. Thank you – expresses gratitude for every single moment in life – for our breath, for our joy, and for our sorrow from which we can learn.  The more we express gratitude, the more we have for which to be grateful, because we’re vibrating such high frequencies at that point that we attract high frequencies to us, which contain light and love.

Simple enough.  Especially because it makes such a huge difference in how your day turns out! Give it a try this next week. Be grateful for everything that happens to you – be aware and mindful the things you think and say. Greet each event with love, and apologize to your inner child and ask their forgiveness for the ‘baggage’ you’ve held onto so long. Thank life itself for your experiences – good or bad. Then see where you are this time next week – I promise you, something will have changed for the better.