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Cayenne Pepper and Its Health Benefits

In over 35 years of practice, I have never lost one heart-attack patient. That’s a pretty remarkable claim to make, but  Dr. John Christopher, the famous master herbalist, said it with confidence. “If they are still breathing, I give them a cup of cayenne tea (a teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of hot water), and… Read more »

Benefits of Juicing & Juice Cleanses

Raw food juicing is one the easiest, most effective, and most delicious ways to do good things for your body. Ideally, man would receive the nutrition he needs to maintain a healthy, vital body from a raw fruit and vegetable diet. He would have a piece or two of fruit for breakfast, a heaping greens-and-tofu… Read more »

Wellness Warrior Project inspires healthy, healing lifestyles

Lifestyle changes to prevent, heal disease On the drive up past Ramah, one notices that autumn has begun to color its way into this quaint area. Nestled among piñon, juniper, and spruce trees, the first stunning sight of fall leaves a lasting impression. Notes of tranquility, serenity, and a sigh of simply forgetting the cares… Read more »

Curing Anxiety

The modern world is overrun by anxiety. And perhaps the biggest anxiety of all is the constant questioning in our lives – the question of What If? What if we don’t get any more moisture this winter? What if the well runs dry? What if the roads aren’t safe to travel? What if my unborn child… Read more »

Canine Wellness & Healthy Foods for Your Dog

You’ve Heard It Before, But It’s True: We ARE What We Eat—And So Are Our Dogs! Funny how unexpected events can entirely alter the direction of our lives. There I was, young, healthy, and perfectly happy making a good living as a singer/songwriter back in the late ‘70s. I lived the musician’s life, ingesting ice… Read more »

Wellness Warriors Project in McKinley County

Wellness Warriors Project in McKinley County By Bera Dordoni, N.D. “Hey, what is this Wellness Warriors Project I’ve been hearing all about?” “So glad you asked. It’s a collaborative effort between BASTIS Foundation and Gallup Indian Medical Center to help eliminate the diabetes epidemic that has overtaken McKinley County.” “I hear it’s based on a… Read more »

Benfits of Plant Based Foods

I love to eat. I know some people can take it or leave it, but I really, really love to eat. But even people who don’t really enjoy eating cannot live without food. I mean, that’s just the way life is. The need for food is a biological reality of being, well, alive. But I… Read more »

Benefits of Kale and How to Cook It

Attending the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim several years ago, I had the opportunity to sample numerous snacks that were far more healthful than anything you’d find in your standard aisles in grocery stores unless you’re perusing the health-food sections. One of my favorite snack treats was raw kale chips with many different flavors. … Read more »

Oil Pulling and Its Benefits

Cough! Snort! Wheeze! Sneeze! Hack! Good grief, what’s going on? Why am I hacking all of a sudden? Could it be something I ate? Maybe, I don’t know, all the cheese and sugar-laden chocolate and other goodies that lured me into submission at all those holiday parties? Me? “The Guru of Eating Right?!” Yeah. Me…. Read more »

Gluten vs. Gluten Free and the Benefits

To gluten or not to gluten? That is the question. “Is it gluten-free?” is one of the most asked questions today not only because it’s a fad, but also because so many people have discovered they cannot tolerate today’s commercial gluten products. Why? Not many of us can tolerate processed foods filled with GMOs (genetically… Read more »