Fought the Law Part 2


Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

by Bera Dordoni, N.D.

I was just closing up the office for the night when she appeared in my doorway swinging a rope and handcuffs. I gulped. Four weeks earlier, she had told me to go to hell as she stomped furiously out of our previous conversation.

“Hello, Doc,” she murmured softly. “I need to talk to you.”

“Why the rope and handcuffs, Mary?”

That’s what I came to talk with you about.”

I decided not to panic, since reacting with fear instead of love would only make matters worse. “Have a seat, Mary,” I offered, as I turned on a soft lamp emitting a warm glow of light. I handed her a bottle of water from the fridge, which she took (a good sign, I thought). She twisted the rope and cuffs, tangling them. Good—that would make it difficult for her to tie me up or handcuff me.

But then she burst into tears. “See what a mess I’ve just made here?” she wailed. It finally dawned on me that this is what you were talking about—I’ve been doing this to myself with my thoughts my whole life! Of course I couldn’t lose weight when I said it every day. I really got some of what you said to me.”

Whew! “What made you decide I might be just a little bit right?” I asked.

“I think this is the first time I’ve actually been so desperate I was willing to stop and examine the patterns in my life and how much they’ve held me back from what I really want. I can see now that I was focused on what I didn’t want—the excess weight, the constant misery, and the like. I feel like I’ve been hit with a 2 x 4. A good hit, although a painful revelation. Obviously I was fighting a natural law, and the law won every time.”

I smiled. “You can’t win against universal laws – whatever you focus on comes to you. It’s so enlightening, though, once we finally face our own truth and realize that what we’ve focused on in the past is what has created our present. Knowing that truth, however distressing, is the good part, though, because it means we can create a new tomorrow today. Even if we don’t like the way our life appears at this very moment, we just have to realize that it’s only a reflection of our past thoughts. When we consciously stay focused on what we want rather than unconsciously returning to the old thought patterns telling us we can’t have what we want, what we really want can become a reality.

“The ‘secret,’ as everyone calls it, is to remember that once we return to unconscious thinking, we become convinced things cannot change, so they don’t.”

Mary dropped the rope and handcuffs. “I hadn’t realized that most of the time when I’m not concentrating on work-related issues, I’m not really aware of what I’m thinking or feeling. On a subconscious level, though, I’m busy feeling bad about myself and how I can’t lose weight. I try to catch myself as often as possible now when that happens. I know I should be able to do it more often, but I’m really trying to stay positive all the time.”

“Hey, Mary, you’re doing a fantastic job! You’re becoming aware to stay aware—that in itself is a major accomplishment. Remember, our power lies in the awareness of our power, so every moment of new awareness lends you more power to continue to be aware. Sounds like I’m talking in circles, huh? But I want you to understand how important our words are—all of them. It may sound silly and a bit over-dramatic to ask you to watch all your words, but our power is such that we become what we say, we become what we think, we become what we do.”

“Your point?”

“A minute ago you used three words that have the power to hold you back, so I’d like you to be aware of them and think about replacing them with different words or thoughts. The first one is when you talk about losing weight. What do you do when you lose your keys?”

“I look for them until I find them. I hate it when I lose things!”

“Ooh, listen to what you just said, Mary! You hate to lose things. Most of us look for whatever we lose, and the subconscious is not selective. Will you look for the weight when you lose it?”

“Good grief, no!”

“Well, then, it might be better to say you’re ‘releasing’ or ‘letting go’ of your excess weight. Just don’t look to find it again if you don’t want it back.”

“Okay, I see your point. The other words?”

“Oh, the word ‘try’ always allows us a cop-out. Remember Yoda in Star Wars? “Do or do not. There is no try.” When you “try,” you’re telling your subconscious you’re fighting an uphill battle, that the odds are against you. Why not replace that word with ‘I’ll do my best’?

“Okay, no more trying.” Mary sighed loudly. “What’s the other word I should get rid of?”

I almost laughed. “Should. ‘Should’ is a good word to avoid because it’s associated with guilt, and guilt is a very powerful negative emotion whose whole purpose is to hold us back. Anything fear or guilt-related shuts out the ability for love to squeeze its way in there.”

“Exactly!” Mary shouted. “See why I brought the cuffs and rope? They’re my reminder that I’ve been my own worst enemy! I’ve been strangling myself and holding myself back to the same thought-emotions I had as a teenager, when everyone teased me for being so gawky and heavy and growing so fast.”

“So you’ve concentrated on how the events from your past have affected you and you projected all those thought patterns right into your future—which has kept you living in the past. Gets you kinda dizzy, y’know.”

“How do you stay focused on the here and now instead of the past?”

“It takes time and quite a bit of work to stop thinking about a million things at once, which is where all sorts of unconscious thoughts invade our space. As soon as you become aware that your thoughts are unconsciously drifting, immediately take control of your thoughts and focus where you want your thoughts to be, which will attract whatever it is you consciously want. The more you become aware that your thoughts are straying, the more you will stay focused on what you want. That’s when you’ll notice your power growing.”

“I’m getting a MEGO syndrome, y’know. You’re making My Eyes Glaze Over.”

“Cute. We’re so used to living our old patterns it’s confusing, but it’s really simple. Live in the present—in the now—and your past cannot invade this space and affect you negatively. Stay aware so you don’t sink into your past, and you’ll stay in the present.”

“Like it’s so easy… how, oh great master, do I do this? Become more aware? Stay in the present?”

“Over and over again during the day, stop yourself and ask, ‘What am I thinking about right now? What am I feeling right now?’ As soon as you do, you’re in the moment and aware of your thoughts. If they’re negative, you can immediately flip the switch and turn them around. If your old patterns are really ingrained, it’ll take work but it’s so worth it. It’s no fun living unconsciously and always attracting what we don’t want. That’s why it’s so important to stay conscious so we can create the life we do want. You want to be thin, so pick the weight you want to be and think that’s what you weigh. You’re already there.”

“I’d be lying to myself!”

“No, you’d be programming yourself to accept the truth about who you really are rather than unconsciously accepting the lie you previously programmed yourself to believe.”

“This sounds so exhausting!”

Excuse me?”

“I mean…this sounds so invigorating!”

“Yes it is! Release the rope and handcuffs. See yourself as you truly wish to see yourself—the real you. Do you remember the old children’s song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands?”


“Every time you catch yourself falling back on old thoughts, sing that to yourself, but change the words to, ‘I Get Healthier and Thinner Every Day!’ It will not only stop those negative thoughts, but the silliness will make you smile—and happiness is like an antidote to past negatives.

Remember, you can’t plant a negative thought and expect to end up with a positive result any more than you can plant a turnip seed and end up with a tomato plant. So… be conscious, be happy, be what you want to be!


The preceding story is an excerpt from Dr. Dordoni’s soon-to-be-released book I Really DO Have a Choice!, the sequel to her nationally acclaimed book I Have a Choice?!


Dr. Bera Dordoni, N.D., lovingly referred to as the “Wellness Whisperer,” is a naturopathic doctor who has over two decades of experience counseling clients with ailments ranging from allergies to cancer to numerous life-threatening dis-eases. She incorporates the laws of attraction to help her clients accomplish their health goals and now holds workshops, wellness retreats and natural health classes in the Ramah area. To request a consultation or learn more, visit or call 505-783-9001.