Loving The Underdog

In lieu of a #WellnessWednesday post this week, we here at DrBeraTLC instead bring you a memorial. We are sad to announce the passing of our beloved rescue dog, Katie.

She already had nearly 12 years under her belt when she came to live with us. Abuse, neglect, cataracts, vaccinosis, and more were a part of her history. Aggression and fear defined her upon her arrival – but for me it was love at first sight. The underdog always steals my heart.

Katie was a precious little soul who attached a piece of hers to mine – going beyond simply stealing my heart. This little angel was like a part of me. As I mentioned last week in my post, I cook all of my dog’s food the same way I cook my own. And Katie adored everything we did for and with her.

She was considered a special-needs dog, but to me she was just unbelievably special. She was the very definition of dog – loyal, loving, and always there when I needed her. For 3 years and 10 days I was honored to have her as my companion, and unconditional love grew on a daily basis on both our parts.

She was a great teacher of trust and unconditional love. Her unwavering trust allowed her to receive the overwhelming love we felt for her. If you’ve ever had a dog, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Any dog lover does.

When Katie passed Beyond The Rainbow Bridge on Monday, I felt like my world was crumbling. Although I see her with all those who lived with us and loved us before, and know she must be happy now, that knowledge gives hollow comfort – for she is with them now and not me. I can’t hold her, pet her, or give her physical love any longer. It is enough to shatter the strongest heart.

The bonds we are blessed to create with our furry loved ones are indescribable and overwhelming, and they, in that way, live with us forever. For that, and for the time we had with Katie, I am eternally grateful.

A thanks to my nephew for the graphic he made for Katie. Visit his sites here: Tygerwolfe Designs, Beyond The Rainbow Bridge.