Kick It Up

Kick it Up Yet Another Notch!

by Dr. Bera Dordoni, N. D.


“Dr. Bera, you’ve just got to see this new video all about the amazing new discovery that can help someone lose a ton of weight!”

Another “greatest find in the history of mankind.” It might be raspberry ketones, or the latest rediscovered ancient berry, or a new weight-loss capsule designed to do all the work while you go about your day. Oh, so easy.


Let’s be real: the “latest, greatest discovery” is most often about someone making money multi-level marketing a product whose “greatest” feature is being “expensive” or “trendy.”

Not so with good old cayenne pepper. Tried and true, inexpensive and unpatentable in its natural form, cayenne is a God-given natural gift that can save a life and help reverse debilitating health conditions. When I wrote about the amazing power of cayenne and its many uses (Feb 2012, http://gallupjourney. om/2012/02/cayenne-turn-up-the-heat/), readers exploded with excitement and took matters into their own hands. They’re letting me share their stories with you today.

Wound Treatment

George absorbed too much Agent Orange in Vietnam, and the resulting ulcers on his leg just wouldn’t heal. Every week George went to his doctor to have them scraped down to the bone, treated with an external medication applied directly to the wound, and then wrapped in gauze to absorb the infection as it continued to ooze. Tired of this painful, apparently never-ending routine, he took matters into his own hands. After yet another teeth-grinding session, he went home, unwrapped his leg, and applied powdered cayenne directly to the wound. The pain was intense at first, but the burning died down quicker than the medication usually did.

When the nurse removed the bandage the following week, she was shocked to find the wound was closed for the first time. The doctor was astounded when he examined the bandage and saw that instead of infected pus, it was soaked with healing sebaceous fluid. He was further astounded when George told him the reason why.

“This is a miracle,” the doctor enthused. “Don’t stop using it!”


Anybody Flatlined Lately?

Bob woke up one night next to his lovely wife Eun Yea in West Virginia, and said, “Honey, I can’t belch. I really need to belch. She hit him on the back hoping it would relieve the built-up gas, but it didn’t help. So Bob stood up. Then Bob fell down.

Dead. Flatlined. No pulse, no breathing.

Eun Yea immediately called the paramedics, who arrived within minutes. Bob still wasn’t breathing, but fortunately, they were able to revive him. When Bob woke up in the hospital, he had three stents in his heart. His cardiologist said his ejection fraction was too low, and he needed a defibrillator under his collar bone and eight different medications “in order to stay alive.”

That’s when he called me. “I feel like these drugs are killing me,” he said. “Can you help?”

I asked how he handled extreme, habañero-pepper heat, and he said he loved spicy foods. Bob and Eun Yea spent a week with me out here in New Mexico, taking extensive daily walks, eating fermented and other healthful foods filled with chilies of all kinds, and taking a cayenne tincture throughout the day. On his return to West Virginia, his doctor told him he was a “specimen for somebody’s experiment”—but the truth is, people have relied on cayenne for centuries. Unlike prescription medicines, it has no side effects and has been known to help prevent new heart attacks.

Bob followed his gut instincts, stayed on the cayenne instead of the myriad prescriptions, and so far has had no side effects other than not realizing he’s still human, not Superman! He felt so good, he and his wife went on a 100-mile pilgrimage with their pastor and several other people—they walked from Hancock, Maryland to Baltimore for religious freedom in the heat of summer! They were the oldest members of the troop—and the heartiest.


My heart is stronger than ever, and I actually ran most of the way for the last two days… I hope this encourages others to realize what a beautiful work of art our bodies are and that they take charge of theirs.


Bob now grows his own organic habañeros and sings about his miraculous recovery on CDs available at


How Does Cayenne Work?

Cayenne immediately feeds the heart as soon as it’s ingested and helps maintain the “river of life,” a.k.a. the bloodstream. A stagnated “river of life” leads to blockages, which lead to oxygen starvation, which leads to organ dysfunction, disease, and, in severe cases, heart attack.

Cayenne works like a drain opener: it blasts through the blockages, delivering oxygenated blood into sick or dying organs faster than any other medicine or herb can get there.

Cayenne’s effect on blood pressure is equally natural, powerful, and immediate. As soon as it hits your bloodstream, it adjusts your blood pressure from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Ultra-hot cayenne tincture from 300,000 heat-unit organic habañero peppers will increase blood flow almost instantly, bringing in new oxygen to your body’s vital organs, muscles, and tissues and carrying away toxic wastes from these same areas in its return flow.

The hotter the peppers, the more effective the results.


Much More on the Horizon…

Cayenne, revered by many cultures for centuries, continues to catch the interest of anyone who wants to heal with nature rather than use questionable medications. I am astounded and delighted by the growing number of doctors with whom I’m associated who now use natural remedies and incorporate cayenne, especially, into own their daily regimen.

I am also honored to be working with Michael, a man who became profoundly deaf and blind at age two when, after suffering a bout of strep throat, antibiotics wiped out both senses. Self-educated, he functions in the hearing/sighted world, although he admits it is terribly difficult to communicate at times.

He contacted me after reading the Braille version of my first Gallup Journey article on cayenne. Could drinking cayenne tea (which he calls “lava tea”) improve his hearing or sight?

“I don’t know,” I told him. “It certainly won’t hurt to try it and see.”

In his now weekly reports, he claims he’s feeling electric shocks in his brain that make him believe things are happening—and he heard noises around him when he went to the grocery to buy habañeros.

He’s going in for another audiogram soon to check his improvement. Watch this space for further updates!

Still Hotter News

I’m in tears as I write this article. Ghost-pepper one-million + heat-unit tears.

I used to think the 300,000 scoville (heat) units from habañeros in my immune-boosting tonic were hot, but lately they seem as mild as paprika to me after adding ghost peppers to this powerful tonic.

I just took a “shot” of the tonic; hence the tears.

Talk about giving your heart a kick start! Oh, my!

Just An Everyday Miracle

Cayenne is synergistic in its action, so besides being a true miracle herb that can save your life, it enhances the other herbs and supplements you take daily. Ginkgo biloba, for example, is well-known for helping with memory and other mental functions, but it’s only effective in about 20% of the most serious cases.

If your memory is slipping away, 20% is not acceptable.

Add cayenne to the ginkgo biloba, however, and that effectiveness increases to 95%. Why? As in all disease, memory loss is a side effect of a blood blocking in the affected area. No blood flow, no healing. Increase the blood flow and healing begins. By the way, have I told you my Daddy will be 94 this year and he’s sharp as a tack? He takes a couple of shots of cayenne every day, and attributes his keen mind to his cayenne.

Does your nose drip and your face break into a sweat when you dive into hot salsa and chips? Cayenne is warming your body, stimulating the release of mucus from your respiratory passages, and clearing your sinuses.

Having tummy troubles? Instead of running for an antacid to help process your meal, try a shot of cayenne to stimulate your digestive tract and help you absorb the nutrients in your food.

Millions of Americans whip their heart with nitroglycerine, digitalis, or other drugs, forcing it to beat rapidly to keep it going. Most heart attacks, though, are due to a malnourished heart: it hasn’t had a decent meal for so long it’s practically starved.

Cayenne fed directly to the tongue in a warm liquid base such as water instantly opens and expands the very cells of the circulatory system, which instinctively distributes the heat to where it is most needed at that moment: in the case of angina or the opening salvo of a myocardial infarction, that means your heart.

It heals wounds. It stops heart attacks. It warms you in the middle of winter and keeps your immune system healthy all year round. Keep a bottle of tinctured or powdered cayenne in your car, your bathroom cabinet, your kitchen, and your purse or pocket. The life you save may be your own!





Dr. Bera Dordoni, N.D., lovingly referred to as the “Wellness Whisperer,” is author of the highly acclaimed book “I Have a Choice?!”, nutritional counselor, and a naturopathic doctor who has over two decades of experience counseling clients with ailments ranging from allergies to cancer to numerous life-threatening dis-eases. She incorporates the laws of attraction to help her clients accomplish their health goals and now holds workshops, wellness retreats and natural health classes in the Ramah area. To request a consultation or learn more, visit or call 505-783-9001.