Benefits of Noni Juice

Years ago, when Gilbert ran up to me at a BASTIS Foundation lecture and excitedly claimed that I Have a Choice?!, my book on building/reviving the immune-system, had saved his life, you’d think I would have been thrilled. Not. Since he was overweight and pasty-faced, he wasn’t exactly the picture of health. Then he explained that he had full-blown AIDS. A quick look at his tongue revealed the root cause of his weight and bloating problems: he had a bad case of candida. He was fighting parasites and a heavy yeast infection, and had a T-cell count of only 22–very low.

He was also spending almost every penny he had on daily vitamin supplements: 38 different ones every day. That was a bit much for his poor body to absorb and assimilate, especially since they could not counteract his diet, which was still atrocious, despite his having read my book. He ate mostly canned, preservative-filled, highly processed and sugared junk food devoid of any nutrition.

I worked with him to change over to a live-foods diet so he could cut back on the pills and get some of his nutrients from his food. He began a fresh-vegetable juicing regimen and ate only whole, unprocessed foods with some added powdered fiber greens. His health improved significantly.

Using my regimen, he lost his bloat and stomach discomfort and attained a normal weight, but his health continued to go up and down. He was hospitalized with pneumonia; he developed severe allergic reactions to cleaning fluids that caused his T-cell count to plummet literally to zero. He was losing his fight against AIDS.

Frustrated and concerned that some of his supplements might actually be weakening rather than helping his immune system, I suggested he try drinking Noni Juice. At that time, noni juice was just gaining popularity as a multi-level-marketing drink. I didn’t want Gilbert using an MLM juice; I wanted him on a pure, organic juice I knew was potent enough to work its magic in his weak, tired body. He agreed to try it, even after I told him it tastes really bitter and nasty without any fillers like pear, apple, or blueberry juice.

By the time Gilbert got his first bottle of noni, his face and mouth were so covered with sores he could barely move his lips. He dribbled when he tried to drink. But when some of the juice fell on the sores, the pain instantly ceased. He purposely dribbled some on other sores and lo and behold, they stopped hurting, too! Within days of drinking, rubbing, and dribbling the noni, Gilbert’s sores were healed. His lingering sinus condition started clearing up. His thinking became clearer, and his memory improved. He cut back to the five supplements I felt were essential and replaced the other 33 with six to eight ounces of noni juice per day.

He made no other changes to his regimen. The results were nothing short of miraculous.

Gilbert’s T-cell count soon rose to a high-normal range. His color was good, he no longer had sores anywhere on his body, his weight was normal, and his lungs were clear. He’d come back from near death to beat AIDS!

The success story of all success stories, right? Unfortunately, no. Gilbert made the mistake so many of us make. As soon as he was feeling well, he quit working the regimen. He stopped drinking the noni juice, stopped juicing fresh vegetables, stopped eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods, and returned to his old habits.

Within a year, he was dead.

It Doesn’t Have To End That Way

At the Transitional Learning Center, we’ve seen many clients with devastating auto-immune disorders such as AIDS, cancer, chronic-fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and even cytomegalovirus, in which cells attacks other cells because they no longer receive the appropriate message.

These conditions zap energy and cause depression. They create aches and pains that never let up. They make sleep so difficult the body never gets the necessary “down” time to heal.

Vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants can help ease symptoms and improve cellular conditions, but nothing previously known to the naturopathic world can reverse a debilitating condition the way noni juice can. I’ve tried all the new “super juices”—goji, acai, sea buckthorn and others—but I keep coming back to noni for its superior healing benefits. The results can be so rapid, some people try to keep a lifetime supply hidden in their closet so they’ll never run out.

Positive Effects Galore!

Some men have found that noni juice can shrink, or at least stabilize, prostate enlargement.

Dick discovered that noni can reduce depression—even long-term, deeply entrenched depression—without the side-effects of sleep disruption and lowered sex drive often caused by traditional anti-depressants.

Janice learned that noni relieves the pain of second or even third-degree burns. After she soaked her burnt hands in a bowl of noni overnight, she found it also helps decrease the size of the blisters and heals the skin in record time, thus avoiding the risk of open-wound infection.

Claudia had tried every juicing, dietary, and naturopathic regimen I recommended for her—and a few she found on her own—but none helped her worsening multiple sclerosis and Reynaud’s Disease. After making an arrangement with Noni Pacific to have Claudia put on a trial study for six months drinking three ounces of noni per day, the progression of both diseases completely reversed. Now, many years later, she credits noni juice as the first and most miraculous step in her path to having completely rid her body of M.S.

Fred, a confirmed hypochondriac who takes an excessive number of medications, could not get off his blood-pressure medicine despite a course of chelation therapy to clear the plaque and metals from his arteries until he and his wife June, who suffered from a lack of energy, began to drink noni juice. As expected, June started feeling more energetic right away. Unfortunately, though, Fred’s blood pressure plummeted with the noni juice.

Here’s why: Fred’s blood-pressure medicine, which he refused to decrease, was enhanced by the noni juice. He didn’t want to take the chance of cutting back on his allopathic meds, so he took both; the noni did its job and caused his blood pressure to crash.

Although it seems to counterindicate using noni, Fred’s story actually accentuates one of noni’s great effects: it enhances whatever else you are doing for your body. This is what makes it possible to decrease the amount of medication, or eventually stop it entirely. Noni helps the body start producing those elements necessary for the body to heal itself.

How It Works

Noni juice contains an alkaloid precursor that stimulates the production of and releases xeronine, which regulates and protects the integrity of the body’s proteins, the most important catalysts we have. Xeronine activates the body’s enzymes, energizing and regulating its functions. Xeronine is so basic to our protein function that without it, we would die.

Any kind of bodily disorder causes xeronine deficiency. Xeronine deficiency, in turn, creates other physical problems such as digestive pain, difficulty sleeping, and, yes, depression. Xeronine acts as an analgesic or painkiller as well as a relaxant when released into the bloodstream, and activates the pineal gland (the sixth gland in the endocrine system), which stimulates two major nerve hormones—seratonin and melatonin—necessary for normalized sleep and mood balance.

Noni juice’s ability to increase xeronine levels actually affects all six glands that make up our endocrine system. By supporting and helping to restore the pineal gland, noni bolsters all the other glands below it as each affects the next.

PINEAL GLAND – 6th Level

Fits right in the center of the brain; it activates two major nerve hormones:
serotonin and melatonin



Stimulates metabolism, body-heat, and bone growth


THYMUS GLAND – 4th Level

Involved in protecting against infections, cancer, etc.
When the pineal gland is working at full performance, the thymus gland, two levels down, gets what it needs to build T-cells


PANCREAS – 3rd Level

Secretes insulin and glucagon, which control the body’s utilization of glucose.
Diabetics have normalized their blood sugar and blood pressure by strengthening
their pancreas with noni juice



Responds when we’re under stress, helps control blood pressure



. . . hey, you figure it out!

So…What’s The Catch?


Some people say it doesn’t taste like anything. Others say it is slightly bitter. Some say it’s the worst thing they’ve ever put into their mouths—but the benefits so outweigh the yuckiness, they drink it anyway. My recommendation is to buy nasty-tasting stuff like Noni Pacific makes that is 100% genuine noni juice and nothing else, and if you can’t stand it, then purchase a separate bottle of a sweeter juice like blueberry, pear or apple and mix it with your noni juice when you pour out the amount you’ll be taking. If you purchase noni juice already mixed with other flavored juices because it tastes better, you’re spending a lot of money on something that is not as pure or effective as 100% pure noni juice. Read your labels to save money and get better quality.

Noni juice is truly one of nature’s miraculous health aids. It has a positive effect on almost everyone who takes it, because it goes where the body needs it—wherever there’s a deficiency.

If you have a hard-to-treat health problem, as I said to Claudia, please, please consider adding noni to your daily dietary/herb regimen. She is living proof that it works!


Dr. Bera Dordoni, N.D., lovingly referred to as the Wellness Whisperer, is author of the highly acclaimed book “I Have a Choice?!”, nutritional counselor, organic gardener and a naturopathic doctor who has over two decades of experience counseling clients with ailments ranging from allergies to cancer to numerous life-threatening dis-eases. She incorporates the laws of attraction to help her clients achieve vibrancy from the lifestyle changes that benefit them most. She holds wellness retreats in the Ramah, New Mexico area. To make a retreat reservation, request a consultation or learn more call 505-783-9001.